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Our future is built on the past and present. We’re a uniquely qualified group of professionals that are dedicated to taking your project from initial concept to finished product in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Greene Construction receives the 2022 Alfred Adams Award for Economic Development


Perry Green Sr

Our Founder

G. Perry Greene, Sr — (1923-2016)

G. Perry Greene, Sr.  was born and grew up in Boone, N.C. He attended the public schools in Watauga County through high school.

In the Fall of 1940 he went to Raleigh to enter NC State University to study Civil Engineering.

At the end of his Freshman year he returned to Boone and took a summer job with Mr. W.C. Greene (no relation) who owned a small construction company in the area.  He returned to college in the Fall of 1941 and in December of 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

This world changing event also affected this young man’s plans. He started going to school year round in an effort to get his degree before being called into active military service. With only two semesters left to finish his degree, he was called into service. As it worked out he was able to return to North Carolina and finish his last two semesters at Duke University, then was commissioned Ensign in the Civil Engineering Corp. of the  U.S. Navy.

He was then sent to officer’s training school followed by an assignment to the 76th Construction Battalion on the island of Guam — all of this at the young age of 20.

At the end of the war, in 1946, he returned to Boone and was married to Theresa Brown who he had known since high school. He began working again for Mr. W.C. Greene, putting all his education and military experience to work in Boone and the surrounding  areas. In the late Fall of 1946, he was able to buy half interest in the construction company and then two years later purchased the remaining half interest, at which time the W.C. was dropped giving birth to Greene Construction Company. Mr. Greene has been  involved in the design and plans for many of the area’s major buildings as well as the construction of many residential houses.

As the years passed his two sons, G. Perry Jr. (Skip) and Ted, grew up and developed an interest in the construction business as a result of summer employment and their father’s positive influence. After completing their college educations they both became an active part of Greene Construction.

From the early 1970’s to the mid 1980’s, Mr. Greene’s sons were involved in the entire process of design, bidding, supervision, construction and completion of many structures in Boone and the High Country. Their development in this process allowed Mr. Greene to expand his involvement in other interests. It became evident to Mr. Greene that his sons were capable of the decision making necessary to continue operating this successful business. Upon Mr. Greene’s full retirement in late 1986, his sons assumed responsibility of the company operations. By the mid 1990’s, Mr. Greene’s three children became the owners of Greene Construction Incorporated.

G. Perry Greene, Sr. went to be with the Lord on January 27, 2016.  Rest in peace Mr. Perry. Your GCI family will miss you and will work hard to carry on your tradition and legacy.


G Perry Greene Sr. Standing Outside

GCI Current President

Second Generation President

G. Perry Greene, Jr (“Skip”)


Born to Perry and Theresa Greene in 1947, Perry Jr (better known as “Skip”) was immersed in Greene Construction at an early age.

From visiting jobsites with his father in the 1950s to summer employment during his high school days to running projects during his senior year in college, Skip’s interest in the construction trade was solidified by the time he graduated from Appalachian State University in 1969.

At the escalation of the war in Vietnam, eager to serve his country, Skip enlisted in the US Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) in 1970. When Skip returned from the Seabees, he quickly jumped back into Project Management.

In the late 1970s, Skip and his brother Ted took over management of Greene Construction, with Ted focusing primarily on the concrete portion of the business (Watauga Ready Mix, now known as Chandler Concrete) while Skip oversaw the construction portion.

Fast forward 45+ years, Skip is known throughout the high country as a construction expert, frequently providing assessments and pre-construction evaluations, in addition to construction estimates, project management, and continuing to oversee the operations of Greene Construction.

Outside of his construction work, Skip can be found spending time with his family, serving his church in downtown Boone, watching ASU football, or even working overseas in the mission field. Skip has been married to his wife, Dee, for over 50 years. Together, they have two daughters, Amy and Alison, and two grandchildren, Cole and Perry Mia. As an ASU alumni and fanatic, Skip rarely misses a home football game and often travels to see away games in person. He is active in various leadership roles at First Baptist Church of Boone. With mission trips to at least 12 states and 25 countries (many of which he visited multiple times), Skip clearly reveals a heart for both Jesus and humanity.